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Emergency Animal Clinic Services - Call Swaney Veterinary Clinic For Urgent Animal Care.

Long after traditional office hours have ended, you suddenly find that your furry friend is unwell. As a pet owner, you may feel overcome with anxiety and concern. Your dog or cat cannot tell you how to help them, so you have to turn to an emergency vet clinic for additional assistance. In these trying hours, the team at Swaney Veterinary Clinic is here to help. Dr. Swaney and the Swaney Veterinary Clinic are proud to offer after-hours emergency vet clinic services to their clients. Today, we are going to take a closer look at an emergency animal clinic situation in order to see how Swaney Vet Clinic can help!

When you notice that your cat or dog is unwell, you may feel more than a tad bit worried. After all, it is impossible to diagnose an animal just by looking at them. Without the ability to speak to our pets, we must rely on decorated animal experts that have the experience needed to find a solution. For a vet near me emergency, I would prioritize contacting a veterinarian before making any major decisions. Swaney Veterinary Clinic provides limited emergency services for traditional emergencies. Dr. Swaney is available over the phone as well as via Facebook Messenger. If you feel like your animal needs emergency services, these are the two places to start.

After you've contacted Dr. Swaney and the team at Swaney Veterinary Clinic, their expert hands can take over the equation. While handing off your pet to a reputable emergency vet clinic can feel great, sometimes we are left wondering about our bill. Billing in the healthcare field can be hard to understand for human services, though Swaney Veterinary Clinic made it much easier for their furry clients. Swaney Veterinary Clinic offers all traditional payment options including cash, credit cards, and checks. Swaney Vet Clinic also accepts Care Credit, VetBilling, and ScratchPay. To learn more about the prior payment options, head to the Payment section of the Swaney Veterinary Clinic website for additional eligibility requirements.

Quality care and professional services are the norms when I need a vet near me emergency service ordered immediately. Swaney Veterinary Clinic offers an expansive array of services to ensure that my pet's needs are met and their health is prioritized. In addition to the affordable and flexible payment options, Swaney Vet Clinic also offers boarding services, routine vaccinations, routine surgical procedures, and access to medical refills for your pet's prescription.

From emergency services to routine examinations, Dr. Swaney and his team of empathetic animal care workers are ready to assist you. Simply call ahead with any questions before scheduling your appointment or consultation. The Swaney Veterinary Clinic looks forward to keeping your furry friends happy and healthy!

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