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What Kingman Veterinarians Offer Emergency Services?

Finding the correct vet for your pet can be a tough task. Finding vets in Kingman that have professional experience, affordable services, and flexible payment options can seem difficult. Don't worry! The team at Swaney Veterinary Clinic is here to help. Let's take a long walk through the many benefits of turning to Swaney Veterinary Clinic for all of your animal health assistant needs. We'll showcase their incredible services, Dr. Swaney's flexible payment plans, and all the different ways that your pet can thrive thanks to the Kingman veterinarians that everyone loves!

When you adopt a pet, you make it clear that you are going to take care of them through thick and thin. Finding vets in Kingman that can offer this important service should be a priority for every pet owner. Dr. Swaney and the committed staff at Kingman veterinarians are in a unique position to offer affordable services with premium results. The Swaney Veterinary Clinic offers traditional examinations, basic surgical procedures, and access to updated vaccinations for your pet. No matter what your animal needs, when you head to Swaney Veterinary Clinic, you are going to find assistance.

As the best vet near me, Dr. Swaney is proud to offer an affordable basic exam for sick pets that are in need. For just $48, the Swaney Veterinary Clinic will give your pet a comprehensive examination that includes urinalysis, CBC results, a chemistry panel, and more. Should your pet exhibit need for additional testing, the Swaney Veterinary Clinic can send out for additional data as required. This comprehensive examination is crucial in identifying issues before they become too problematic. Remember, if you have concerns over your pet's health, it is better to have them examined than to hope the issue goes away on its own. Too many times, pet owners opt to wait rather than help their pet, something that would be unthinkable with our human children!

Outside of the traditional examination and surgical services offered by Swaney Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Swaney is happy to offer extensive boarding services for clients in need. Boarding services are crucial for pet owners that need to leave their home behind for at least an entire day. The kennel and boarding services available at Swaney Veterinary Clinic are flexible to meet the size of your dog as well as their dietary and medical restrictions. Dr. Swaney houses boarded cats in a separate area where they can enjoy a calming and more relaxing experience. These boarding services only require that you supply updated vaccinations as well as any medication and specialty food.

When looking for a vet near me, I always turn my attention to Swaney Veterinary Clinic. With a track record of success, I know that Swaney Veterinary Clinic will look out for my pets when the time comes!

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