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What Services Does the Swaney Veterinary Pet Clinic Offer?

Inviting an animal into your home means promising to take care of them for life. The Swaney Veterinary Clinic believes in offering our furry friends the same compassionate care and attention that we'd hope for ourselves. For that reason, it is important to have a pet clinic near me that I can trust when it comes to taking care of my pets. Let's take a closer look at the services and benefits available when you head to the best pet clinic in all of Kingman.

Swaney Veterinary Clinic is the perfect place to go when it comes time to take care of your pet. The Swaney Vet clinic offers routine surgical procedures for cats and dogs including spayed/neutering. Additional surgical procedures covered by Swaney Vet Clinic include dentistry and cat declawing. All services are listed on the official pet clinic website for the Swaney Vet Clinic with their corresponding prices. Swaney Vet Clinic offers an array of payment options for customers that require more flexible payment plans. When it comes time to take care of your pet, the last thing you need is to worry about financials.

In addition to their in-depth surgical procedures, Swaney Veterinary Clinic offers vaccinations, routine exams, and pharmacy refills for your pet's medication. Taking care of the family pet at a pet clinic near me has never been easier! These services are in addition to the on-site boarding services that Dr. Swaney and his team are also proud to offer. Dogs are boarded in kennel rooms or climate-controlled garage rooms to stretch their legs while cats enjoy a quieter area to themselves. A large yard for playtime behind the clinic ensures that your furry friends stay plenty active while you are away.

Dr. Swaney and the Swaney Vet Clinic are more than prepared to help you and your furry friends. Call today to schedule your appointment or examination!

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