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Selecting the right veterinarian to entrust your pet with can be a challenging task. After all, your dog likely means as much to you as any other member of your family! The hard part about being a pet companion is knowing how to properly give your pet the care they require. In our experience, the only sure way to keep your pet happy and healthy is to find the best animal medical center in your area. If I were looking for a veterinary clinic near me to treat my pup, I would look for experienced dog vets such as those at Swaney Veterinary Clinic! Today, we are going to walk you through the proper steps to take when selecting a veterinarian to handle your pet!

When it comes time to find dog vets at the veterinary clinic near me, I start by prioritizing experienced professionals. Swaney Veterinary Clinic has experienced dog vets on their staff with years of work in the field. This means that their dog vets have not only the knowledge but the experience required to ensure that my furry friend is always properly taken care of. Just like when we search for experienced human healthcare facilities, the same should hold true when seeking out an animal medical center.

After finding experienced dog vets in your area, scheduling a consultation for a routine examination can be the appropriate next step. During your dog's routine examination at the Swaney Veterinary Clinic near me, your dog will receive in-house testing for CBC, chemistry panel, urinalysis, radiographs, and more. In addition to these services, the Swaney Veterinary Clinic also can ensure that your dog is always up to date on their vaccinations. In fact, to utilize the boarding services at Swaney Veterinary Clinic, you will need to show that your pet's vaccination record is up to date.

Finally, when looking for the perfect animal medical center, pet owners should prioritize locations with flexible payment options. The Swaney Veterinary Clinic offers all the traditional payment options that shoppers are used to including cash, credit, and checks. In addition to these traditional payment options, Swaney Veterinary Clinic also works with CareCredit, ScratchPay, and VetBilling. To learn if these services are right for your payment plan, head to the Payment Options page on the Swaney Veterinary Clinic website for further information. Taking care of your loved ones should never be prohibited by a lack of payment plan options!

For dog owners looking to acquire compassionate and professional care, the Swaney Veterinary Clinic is ready to help. This veterinary facility offers extended emergency hours, vaccinations, routine examinations, and surgical services for cats and dogs of all types. Contact Dr. Swaney today to schedule an appointment!


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